How to work with your new mpnodes site: the “Press It” bookmarklet

New nodes sites are all based on WordPress. A quick tutorial on how to install and use your site’s bookmarklet may be all that you need to be able to post updates to your site.  First of all log in to your site’s administrative backend (where you can add and edit posts) with the credentials that have been  emailed to you.  Then click on the Tools Link in the menu on the left hand side of the page.

Once you have this bookmarklet link in your menu bar, rename it to something short and meaningful.  From then on any time you are browsing a site and want to clip part of it to your mpnodes web site, just highlight the text and click the bookmarklet.  It will them open upa a window with the text you highlighted, the Title and the URL of the page.  You can then eith Publish it to your site straight away or annotate it with your comments.

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